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Things to Think About When Submitting a Budget

When planning an event it is important to understand all aspects that go into executing an event. Of course there is the food but what most caterers don't inform you immediately about are all the other cost that make the event go off without a hitch. IE: Servers to serve the food depending on the style of the event. Buffets need servers to maintain cleanliness, Passed hors d'oeuvres require servers to pass the food around the party. Buffets require rentals, and decor. Are tables needed for the food or guests? These tables are rentals and require linen. This is just a few aspects of an event that need to be considered when planning.

Almost everyone who reaches out to us asks for pricing for an event for X amount of people. If the caterer was a specialized caterer like a BBQ company they have specific packages and charge a per person charge with a minimum of so many people. Thats easy to get a quote done. We are not a specialized caterer. We are a SPECIAL caterer. We design ANY kind of menu based on your wishes and desires. So, saying that you want pricing for 100 people for a wedding tells us nothing about your event. Any other caterer will spit out a couple of preset menus and their prices. We just don't do that. There are so many qualifying questions that need to be asked first. Therefore, in the description below you should be very clear about your needs. We don't need to know what food you want but we need to know the style of food you are looking for. Fancy for one person may be casual everyday food for another. When you ask for pricing and aren't more detailed we don't know if you want pricing for a hamburger party or a surf & turf sit-down dinner.

Emily Garner