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Don't leave your special day to chance.
We work tirelessly to ensure a stellar reputation.
Here's what our clients have to say.



I thought I could save some money and handle everything myself. About halfway through the planning, and my wedding fast approaching, I was drowning in tears. The stress was unreal. I was referred to Emily. Not only did she bring a smile to my face, but I was enthusiastic about what seemed to be a hopeless wedding. My fiance was thrilled too! Emily showed us how, with her help, we would actually save money and a lot of heartache. Our wedding was more than I ever dreamed it could be. All it took was one phone call. I am forever grateful for Emily's Events!

-Susan S.  -Desert Mountain


I see the stress that my friends experience in planning their wedding. I can't relate at all. Planning my wedding was such an exciting process. My wedding was so easy and fun! I can't imagine why anyone would do anything but call Emily before planning a wedding!

-Alan A.  -Silverleaf


We tried an inexperienced planner before calling Emily. We had no idea that many planners operate on commissions and kickbacks. We weren't getting the best vendors for our money, and we ended up handling so many details ourselves. A friend recommended Emily, and things were turned around for the better within a week. She is amazing. Do yourself a favor. Call Emily first!

-Joe and Amy. -Paradise Valley


Thank you for making my dreams come true!

-Maria H. -DC Ranch

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