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Chef Emily Preparing Sizzling Shrimp

About Emily's Events


Emily's Events is an escape from the tired, monotonous catering companies that confine their clients to a menu. We, at Emily's Events, customize everything to your tastes. If you're craving it, we can cook it. If you have guests at an event that suffer from food allergies, we can accommodate them. If you are looking to throw a themed party, our menu will highlight that theme and your guests will be blown away!

We can create a custom menu designed to your exact specifications based on our first meeting with you in your home. We sit with you and discuss your likes, dislikes and desires. Once we plan out the food for the evening, the only thing else you need to worry about is the outfit you want to wear that night.

We are a full service catering and event planning company and we'll assist you as little or as much as you'd like. We are a word of mouth only caterer. Most of our clients live in the Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Desert Mountain, and Paradise Valley areas but we cater to the entire valley.

Our food is so top-notch that we cater many of the privately owned jets out of Scottsdale Airport and surrounding airports, through our in-flight dining service, Fly Cuisine By Emily. Click here to contact us for more details  Click here to view our in-flight dining menu. Keep in mind we can prepare anything you wish, outside of this menu.

We pride ourselves on our ability to always stay within your budget. Our commitment is to inspire people with our food and impress them with our professionalism.

Watch Our Weddiing Video! Oh no! Don't make me sit through one of those...
Don't worry, It's only 2:30 minutes. We made an exciting music video
rather than a long drawn-out boring one.

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