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Q:  I see the $29.95 meals.  How many people does each meal feed?

A:  Each meal is designed to feed 1 person. You may order additional MAIN items a la carte and share the sides


i.e..., Chicken Parm MEAL may include a salad, vegetable, starch and desert.....So, if you have 2 ppl, maybe order 1 meal and 1 entree only a la carte.

Q:  What does the "20% off" apply towards? 

A:  We apply 20% off all "weekly specials", "Always Available" and "From the Grill". Just not groceries or romantic dinners for 2 menus

Q:  When do I order?

A:  Anytime once the new menu is posted FRIDAY to 3pm on MONDAY

Q:  When and how do I pay?

A:  You will provide payment information when you place the order.  We accept all major CC BUT American Express.   You may also pay by Cash, Venmo or Zelle

Q:  When do I pick up?

A:  Pick up times are arranged when you order in 15 min slots to enable social distancing 

Q:  Where do I pick up?

A: There is a map with directions on the "Groceries" page and the "Weekly Take Out Menu" page.  We are located in the Scottsdale airpark. 

7625 E Redfield Rd Suite 130

 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Q:  Can I customize?

A:  We will do our best to honor all special requests. 


Q:  Do you have the ability to accommodate dietary restrictions/ Sensitivities?

A:  We do! :) Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free...

but PLEASE specify ANY true allergies when you order- even if you think you didn't order items that contain your allergy. We do not always list every ingredient on our menus.

Q:  What if I need items from the store NOT in the grocery bags you provide?

A:  Just let me know.  We will add your list to ours as best we can :)

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